Welcome to our Star Global Family Community

Star Global Family is here to serve Star children and adults to realise their full potential. This is to recognise who they are and be fully in that knowledge so they can play their role to raise the frequency of the planet as it makes the enormous transition into conscious living also known as the Fifth Dimension. SGF recognises there are as many Star and Soul families as there are ways in which they communicate. 

These Star Children, who have largely been born on Earth in the last 30 years, have gifts and abilities different from what is considered to be normal amongst most peers, teachers, educational establishments and even parents and siblings. They can be acutely sensitive to their own feelings and those of others. In this some may want to balance those around them who are out of balance. As a result they appear to ‘overload’ on being in the company of others. Some will block out the information from others to the extent of being antisocial or lacking in interpersonal skills. Others may manifest non-compliant behaviour and be labelled as having ADHD, ADD and autism or Aspergers syndrome. They may be considered to have learning difficulties like dyslexia and dyscalculia. This often leads to them being punished negatively, or worse medicated for what they cannot do rather than for the gifts such ‘conditions’ may reveal. 

They may be gifted to the point of excellence in one or many subjects and know exactly what they need to learn. They see life from a quantum perspective. They thus have access to a far-reaching consciousness and with the abilities, knowledge and intelligence which goes with it.  They have knowledge beyond their years and of other lives as well as stellar and planetary systems. Star children find SGF through mostly word of mouth and their abilities in non-physical communication.