Helena Serafina – My Journey

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Helena Serafina has already explored a variety of collaborative Community expressions for several decades with her own family and other multi cultural, multi dimensional Soul Family members through a series of connecting Life Experiences featured below:

Her Numerological features are featured below and she represents the sensitive Water Sign of Pisces :

Soul: Expression of 11-2 honoring the Mother Divine in offering a feeling of BEING AT HOME through the creation of  “physical and spiritual home” expressions through the Heart.

Personality” Expression of 6 honoring Sacred Service to  “Balance and Trust”  within a Home for Children and Family in collaboration with all sentient life.

Path: Expression of 9 – Walking the path in co-creation with All That Is –  in Service to Community and Humanity

Helena’s  – “Life Chapters”  include:

Childhood WalkIn and Visionary TelEmpathic other realm experiences during 1960-70’s

Corporate Retail management and Training, Buyer & Merchandiser (UK based) between 1978 – 1989.

Co-Producer with John von Nuding of an International Chamber Opera company touring in Europe, Asia and USA.  Opera Set Producer & Costume Designer. Chamber Opera & Musicals Vocalist Singer.Co-Director of schools educational production programs introducing Opera, interactive Musical Theatre, Period Costume design, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, African Body Percussion, and Meditational practices in School settings. All between 1991 – 2007

Following the birth of their son Josef, she became committed to provide a place within her own community for children with “highly sensitive –  new consciousness awareness”. Josef in his teenage years was HomeSchooled gaining his life experiences through world traveling and is currently on a World Cycling Tour featured through documentaries with THE ONE GOOD ROAD .

She became the Principal of a private Kindergarten specializing in autistic and ‘special needs highly sensitive children‘ alongside a Multi Cultural Creative Arts program between 2001 – 2012.

Facilitator of Workshop and Training programs with Star Global Family members featuring “Making Contact and Navigating your Selves as a conscious Multi dimensional Co-Creator”   for Teachers, Special Needs Teachers, Facilitators, Event Managers, parents and guardians of highly sensitive new consciousness children between 2007 – until now ..

Key Speaker of “New Consciousness Star Children” at conferences and presentations in Europe with Star Global Family members including the hosting of  “Grandma Chandra” in UK, Netherlands, and Star Nation Gatherings in USA with Chief Golden Eagle.

Facilitator of Gatherings in Europe with Young Masters initiatives for our Next Generation of highly Conscious, Empathic and Vibrationally Sensitive MultiDimensional family members between 2010 until now.

Co-Creator of Healing Arts Liquid Light frequencies with Joanne van Wijgerden (founder of  Healing Arts featuring the Hybrid Children and Personal/Group Activation Sprays to facilitate holographic telepathic/empathic sensory connections with our Multi Dimensional other Realm Soul Family members, Higher Self, Source Guidance and Star Nation collectives including those from Telos and other Inner Earth communities..

Facilitator of Gatherings of Soul Family who choose to explore in a safe loving environment Making Contact with their other realm Soul Family through Sound Transmissions with Voice, and Meditational experiences with Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Drums and Light Language expressions between 2007 and NOW..

Facilitator of Making Contact with the Hybrid Children and other Inner Earth realms through Nature and Vortexes in Sacred Lemurian, Mary Magdalene and Pleaidian “Null and Node”  locations (featured through Kryon.com) around the Globe…

Facilitator of Sisterhood and Brotherhood Groups with Soul Family members who choose to further explore group transformational life changing experiences within the loving resonance of a “Soul Family Collective” environment..

During the last decade it has been the passion of Helena Serafina to co create with others the “Hosting and Anchoring of Co-Living Communities” with other Soul Family members. Within these new Co-Living Communities you can feel even more enabled to enter  deeper relationships, rewriting new relations, with your own Multi Dimensionality. Entering deeper layers and ReBirthing within an intimate, transparent and loving family environment.

Our Sister and Brotherhood Communities become a “Hall of Mirrors” for your Imagination and Sensory bodies to even more fully realize your own personal purpose and potentials for BEING on earth at this time of immense shift and change within the human collective. In these new ways we can assist each other with co-creating new paradigms and Making Contact with our more subtle entourage, personal Guides, Hybrid Children in collaboration with other Devic Kingdoms, Star Nations and Inner Earth civilizations.

We are experiencing New Ways of Living in self-sustainable, eco friendly new build projects, off grid, and Living Our Dreams alongside other multi cultural family who are vibrationally resonant empathic beings as Soul Family Conscious Creators. In these co-operative surroundings we are able to share our more intimate, omnipresent, empathic, telepathic, sensitive gifts in Loving Kindness, Compassion, Peace and Harmony.

Helena is currently creating a Series of experiential Writings featuring Conversations and Encounters with an Empath and Living Our Dreams within Telosian Community to highlight the Life Experiences of Awakened Conscious Star Global Family members who are Living in New Ways as Multi Dimensional Co Creators of their 5th Dimensional World on NEW EARTH.

Join Helena Serafina on her personal Journey through holographic images and shared experiences through blogs and videos on her new website.

If you feel a calling to join Helena Serafina alongside other Soul Family to explore your own personal Multi Dimensional Journey on any of these Communities:

Telosian Community in Mr Shasta, California, USA

Bella Cruz Co-Living in Ariege, SW, France

Live To Be, Almere, Holland

Please check out our featured websites and contact her directly by email or through her Face book page: Helena Serafina