Joanne van Wijgerden


Wishes for a coaching session can be:

  • Know that a burnout requires change in your life
  • better to deal with and enjoy your high sensitivity
  • make more space in yourself for feeling and intuition and inner knowing
  • embrace your own multidimensionality
  • to overcome fear of your clear capabilities and to learn to trust them
  • solve old trauma because you’re done with it
  • making new choices in resonance with your heart
  • dare to go unknown paths so that you create your path love yourself, be yourself and be unique

What happens during a session?

In the energetic work we work with the totality of who you are: your physical body, emotions, thoughts and spiritual and subtle fields, your connections with subtle beings, with nature, with animals. Everything participates in the field and is there to support you in the new steps you want to put in your life. Engagement is your body consciousness because it opens the connection to your feeling, your inner knowing and intuition and other connections to the subtle field from which always the healing comes and shows the next step.

You can contact me through my website link below:

Joanne van Wijgerden