Living Light Adventures

Living Light Adventures offers you a spiritual journey in which you can experience and integrate more of who you are. When all our senses are enhanced, we can receive more intuitive guidance and impulses from the nurturing spaces we visit. A Living Light Adventure opens up your next step on the new path for humanity.

We offer journeys to magical places where you can meet with your multidimensional selves. You ‘ll meet with subtle beings from Telos, Agartha, from elemental to mermaids, lepricorns, elfs, tree beings, Galactic beings and more

Group journeys

We share with each our individual and group stories. Together we bring forward new ways to bridge areas within ourselves in a multi sensory healing experience. Sharing our experiences feels as a necessary step to integrate these energies through our body and into this reality on Earth. This way our telepathic abilities can feel more nurtured, grow and expand.

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