Our Story

Star Global Family

Star Global Family (SGF) is an international organisation for star children, youth and their (soul) families. SGF is co-creating with many young people and families in developing optimal grounding and incentive for their gifts, abilities and consciousness to develop to their full potential.  By learning to learning to pay subtle attention to their environment and the relationship it has to their feeling state enables greater potential for understanding why they are currently on this earth. Their own connection is integrally allied to the collective consciousness and experience of transition for humanity.

Star children – the next generation

Star Children / young people are in many ways different than their peers and immediate environment at school, training, work and sometimes parents. They are often highly sensitive, highly intuitive, creative, multi-talented, highly intelligent telepathic and regularly. They look and life from a totally different perspective. They regularly experience multiple realities simultaneously (multi-dimensionality, connect with other selves). They feel such strong ties with other planetary systems or they have direct memories of other lives. They thus have access to a far-reaching consciousness and with the abilities, knowledge and intelligence which goes with it. They easily pick up energy from others and sometimes surreptitiously working to the energies of others or in groups to balance. This ensures that they can easily get overloaded or vague symptoms that they themselves, their parents or teachers can not deal with it. Much of what they have in house is totally new and unknown to their environment. As a result, they have little reference in their environment with respect who they are and how they live and experience the world.

Parents, school and peers often express them often back in the box, or in the mold of “how simply meant to be.” Often these young people close this off, they’re going to lock and get the connection lost with whom they come into being. Many of the young people with problems (often diagnosed as ADHD, ADD, autism as PPD-NOS or Asperger’s, dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc.) are star children who do not care and attention have been associated with who they essentially are. This becomes magnified what they can not, instead being promoted what they can.

Parents have a key role

Parents have a key role in providing a safe bedding for a young persons unique star qualities and gifts. For these parents, we cannot rely on the the reference from their own upbringing anymore. It asks all of us as parents or guardians to embrace an more intense consciousness development and a totally different way of looking at our children who are the next generation. Also a new relationship: where we collaborate more fully on an equal basis. In this process, we are often faced with the pain of our own youth, where our sensitivity never got the space to be fully realised. Starseeds may not recognize themselves in many of the existing systems and feel unable to thrive in an old education system which often focuses on performance, competition and the preparation of young people for being a responsible citizenship and for functioning in a controlled way in society. A starseeds true nature is one of equality, co-creation, which embraces “out of the box” thinking and a great need (and potential) to realise more freedom, with unconditional love and a greater sense of unity in their lives For sure they are here as the Next Generation to reshape the world in a loving peaceful harmonic way.


Our guidance has been to assist in the development of  new programs and methods in which to engage Star seeds in New Ways of Living. By collaborating and listening  with star children / young people and their families alongside other pioneers in this area SGF is passionate in developing new ways to support star children and adults by connecting with their multi-dimensionality, with their higher consciousness, their deepest essence and with the intuitive powers which can be brought forward. The personal experience in their own families of the SGF is always leading to new innovations and insights in the ways we can collaborate together. SGF plays a pioneering role. SGF spreads this newly developed knowledge and awareness through its projects, activities, contacts, and especially on our websites through our blogs, articles and multiple media sharings. Everyone has a story which can assist another family member to become more connected and take their own place in changing the world we all live in.

We believe that by offering space and support for star children / young people and families everyone can feel more inspired  at opening their full capabilities and potential. Together we can tap into new fields of consciousness, deprogram old patterns and rearrange family constellations. We can all celebrate in our abilities to reconnect with our origins as a Star Global Family.