Telosian Community

Visiting Mount Shasta allows you to awaken and remember those versions of who YOU are within  Telos and bring yourself HOME to wherever you are living now. For many of us the heart of Mt Shasta will often feel as though this is one of the most central portals of our connection with Source Divinity.

We can feel an awakening to more of our sensitive gifts and abilities of empathy,  sentience, synchrony and telepathy. From these sensory feelings states we are able to communicate  and connect more freely between our family members who co exist between Upper Earth and Inner Earth.

So we may be guided to introduce new potentials into our daily activities, here on Upper Earth. This could present itself through renewed interest in new types of plants, vegetation, flowers, vegetarian foods, eco sustainable projects, communications with animals, wildlife, trees, plants, elementals and nature spirits – who gently guide our interests into different areas which represent living in harmony with nature.