The One Good Road

by Josef von Nuding

Born England, tomorrow somewhere else. Currently enjoying Filming, Podcasts, Vlogs & MORE!

I left School and was Home Schooled.. To date (Dec 2017) I’ve visited  44 countries.

My Website for Maps & Other Links 🙂  TheOneGoodRoad.

Met quite a few people via CouchSurfing – over 300 – (Awesome App, Highly Recommend..) I like to cycle? From the age of 15  – found a bike, and rolled it forward.. 49,500km In 32 different Country’s.. 😀 Longest Ride 312km Solo, Highest Climb 3250m, & 748km in 4 days, Unassisted 🙂

From Climbing Mountains to running Marathons  –  I still keep pedalling, and searching..

Prefer to follow my own compass and experience the world my own way – studying the University of Life..

The One Good Road